Price Estimates & Onboarding

Price Estimates & Onboarding

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Introductory Conversation

Would you like to learn more about our firm and Service Packages?

Please email to schedule a brief introductory meeting.

Proposal for Service

To receive a price estimate for service, we typically host two meetings with a CPA (“Discovery” and “Conclusion”).

Discovery Meeting

The purpose of the Discovery Meeting is for both parties to gather more information about the other and determine if there's a mutual interest to engage in services. Prior to a Discovery Meeting, we ask prospective clients to upload soft copies of their prior two years of business and personal tax returns (all pages and schedules) to our secure client portal and grant Accountant Level access to your books in QuickBooks Online (QBO). This allows our CPAs to complete a high-level review of your records prior to the meeting.

Conclusion Meeting

The Conclusion Meeting provides additional time for us to walk you through a proposal for service (if applicable) and address any questions you may have.

Onboarding Meeting

An Onboarding Meeting typically occurs two to three weeks after a Proposal for Service is signed. The purpose of the Onboarding Meeting is to define the actions that will be completed to deliver service, as well as, routine touchpoints with clients.