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How to Make the Most of Your Relationship with Adkin CPA PLLC

A) Routine Communication with Our Firm

  • If possible, designate a single point of contact at your business to handle questions from our firm, as well as, Financial Statement Review

  • Direct routine requests for Support to support@adkincpa.com

  • Direct requests for Payroll Support to payroll@adkincpa.com

  • If your request(s) are Time Sensitive, please tell us it is Time Sensitive, the reasons for this, as well as any associated timelines

  • Feel free to copy your CPA on emails to Support or Payroll Support

  • Try not to send documents via email:

    • Instead, upload documents to your client portal here and notify Support that you’ve done so

  • Please do not mail any hard copy documents to the firm

B) Bookkeeping

  • If we provide your business with bookkeeping and accounting services, please complete the following actions:

    • If possible, provide Accountant Access for all business accounts and business credit cards

    • If Accountant Access is not available, then upload your business’s Monthly Bank Statements to the client portal within approximately 5 days after each statement is cut or at a defined day each month

    • Do not pay personal expenses from business accounts or business credit cards.

      • We can assist in setting up Owner Draws to personal accounts to pay personal bills

    • If you use a receipt capture application (Dext, QB Receipts etc.), upload all monthly receipts for the prior month to the application by the 5th day of the following month.

      • For example, all July receipts would be uploaded to the Receipt Capture Application by August 5th.

C) Meetings

  • If your service engagement includes routine meetings, please work with our staff to schedule the meetings at a mutually agreeable time

  • If possible, communicate requested agenda items prior to meetings

  • Ensure that your CPA always knows your current goals and objectives

  • Note - Meetings to discuss tax implications regarding significant changes to your business may be considered Out of Scope to your current service engagement (example: sale of a business or large assets, acquisition of a business, start-up of new business entity etc.)

D) Notices 

  • If you ever receive correspondence in the mail from the IRS or State related to your taxes, we kindly request that you notify us and upload a soft copy of the correspondence to the client portal for our review.

E) Ask Questions

  • We encourage you to always ask questions if you ever have them about any information, we provide to you.

F) Advocate for Change

  • If you would like any changes to be made to the services you receive from our firm, your meetings with our staff, or anything else, then just ask.

  • We will ensure that we understand your reasons for the request, will consider it, and will notify you if we can accommodate the request.

G) Provide Timely Feedback to your CPA and Support Staff (Positive and Constructive)

  • If you are ever unsatisfied with the Support or Service you receive from our firm, we ask that you tell us this

H) Download and Try the Canopy Mobile Application

  • The app allows you to view, sign, and scan documents using your phone

  • It’s available on Google Play here or the Apple Store here

  • Try it and let us know what you think