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What is Audit Protection Service and Notice Response Service? 

Responding to IRS Audits, Notices, and Letters can be time-consuming, expensive, and cause some taxpayers to be nervous.  We recognize this and now offer Audit Protection Service and Notice Response Service.    

What’s New 

Clients may now have an option on their Service Engagement Letters to select Audit Protection and Notice Response Service for a nominal fee.  If a client chooses this option and the IRS Audits your current year return, we will represent you at no charge for at least 15 hours or work. Additionally, we will handle the response to all IRS Notices and/or Letters for your current year return.  If a client does not select these service options, we may still be able to assist you, but would do so at an hourly rate. 

What’s Not New 

If you ever receive correspondence from the IRS, we kindly request that you notify us and upload the correspondence to the client portal for our review.  As always, if we ever make a mistake, we will fix the error at no cost to you.  Additionally, if the error is our responsibility, we will pay any IRS penalties you incur due to the error, provided we are notified within thirty (30) days of the date on the IRS Notice.  Taxpayers are responsible for any additional tax or interest assessed. 

 What You Need to Know About Audit Protection and Notice Response Service 

How to Opt-In 

When we send you an engagement letter, you may have a service option that includes Audit Protection and Notice Response Service.  You may choose the option that includes this service. 


There is no guarantee we can give you relative to the outcome of any future examination or audit.  However, we will do our best to represent you towards a satisfactory resolution of the items raised in an IRS Audit, Notice, or Letter. 


1) The Audit Protection and Notice Response fee does not cover additional tax, penalties, or interest due, appeals, and/or representation from a tax attorney, or representation on returns that we did not prepare 

2) You must be a client at the time of the Notice of Intent to Audit is received. 

3)  The Audit Protection and Notice Response fee are not refundable and the service offering expires if the client relationship is ever terminated and/or once the 3-year statutory audit period expires. 

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